Business Salience in Digital Economy

Importance of Business Salience in Digital Economy

Every business owner wants to make their product a strong, sustainable brand that will allow them to earn a higher profit margin on sales and reduce the risk of switching consumers/customers in the event of economic instability or changes in market competition.

The first step to a strong brand is to build a high awareness among customers or consumers. The ideal result is when the brand, as a result of all actions, becomes top of mind in the category (i.e., it becomes the brand that is remembered first to the question: Name the company/product brand that you know from the [market name] category).

Think of what to tell about the product to the target consumer

The main way to become noticeable is to establish contact with the target audience, which means starting advertising support. Many media channels allow you to interact with the consumer, but before advertising your product, first decide “What is interesting, useful, or unique to tell the consumer about your product so that the information is remembered, a positive attitude towards the product is formed, and a desire to buy appears.”

To achieve the best result, the idea of ​​the message should be: unique, simple, important for the consumer, understandable to him, convey to him the obvious benefits of purchasing the product, be long-term, and the same in all media channels involved.

360-degree support

Surround the target consumer with the brand. Make sure that your product reminds him of its existence throughout the day. This does not mean you need to “spam” messages about the product.

The Internet is already a necessity

A modern consumer uses the Internet every day and accesses the Internet almost every hour, and trust in the information on this channel is comparable to trust in the words of the closest girlfriend or friend. Ensure the minimum presence of your product on the Internet:

  • Make a business card site so that the network has the primary source of information about your company.
  • Use your site’s promotion for your target audience’s most frequent requests, of course, on your topic. And then the consumer, being in search of the necessary information, will come to you.
  • Use social networks to promote your product, incl — Twitter (if it fits the product and audience). For the first steps, publications about new products, competitions, and special offers are suitable.

Provide quick feedback to you.

Choose a media channel to dominate

The strategy is very suitable for companies with a limited budget. Analyze the actions of your competitors in media channels (TV, press, radio, outdoor advertising, Internet, promotions at the point of sale, etc.) and choose the media channel where there are the least ads on your topic and use it to dominate. Of course, the track should match your product and goals. Dominance is one of the communication channels that will significantly distinguish your product from competitors and make it more noticeable in the general advertising noise of the category.